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Intel software, Wolfram Mathematica, Origin, Statgraphics, EViews
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Oasis Montaj 9.9
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Produttore: Seequent
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Oasis montaj

Transform data into decisions with Oasis montaj
Visualise, analyse, and integrate all your geoscience data.

Setting the standard in geophysics modelling for over 30 years
– and still evolving


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Process big data with ease

View, QA/QC, transform, and analyse all raw data – geology, geochemistry, and geophysics – with powerful 2D and 3D modelling capabilities.  

Rapidly assess and experiment with large data sets in real time, running numerous filters and processes. Spatially align all data with real-time coordinate projection. 



Integrate all geoscience data

Import, overlay, and work with more than 50 common formats from CAD to GIS, to mine planning and modelling. Directly import data from many online geoscience repositories.

Bring geoscience data together to build the most complete model – and easily pass off files to teams working with different formats. Code your own processes through the Oasis montaj open API.

Customise your workflows

Each project is unique. Record and automate repetitive and complex data processing tasks. Streamline team workflows and save time – so you can focus on generating insights.

Plus, add on specific tools and workflows for the geoscience data you need with Oasis montaj extensions.



Extend your data processing power

Select from over 25 Oasis montaj extensions to visualise, QA/QC, process, and interpret specialised data, including ground and airborne/UAV surveys, magnetic and gravity, resistivity, radiometrics, geochemistry, and geology.





Learn more about the power and flexibility of Oasis montaj


Advance your geoscience data analysis

Work seamlessly across geoscience and GIS environments with built-in Esri integration and plug-in connectivity with MapInfo.

Import and organise project data

Import and work with more than 50 supported data types and formats. Efficiently store large geoscientific datasets in high-performance databases to improve data access.

Real-time coordinate projection

Have data in Latitude and Longitude, and in Easting and Northing? Oasis montaj automatically aligns geospatial information when you overlay data, no matter the format. Re-project data into another coordinate system in real time so you always know you’re in the right place.

Visualise geoscience data

View, manipulate, and analyse geophysics, geology and geochemistry, and data with powerful 2D and 3D modelling capabilities. Quickly create detailed models to visualise and clearly communicate your insights to other teams and stakeholders.

Integrate surface and subsurface maps

Create integrated maps using geology, geophysics, geochemistry, GIS data, and satellite imagery to increase your subsurface understanding. Create grids, add contours, geophysics, and remote sensing data to enhance your interpretations and guide decision-making.

Apply fast gridding techniques

Interpolate data to produce grids using minimum curvature, bi-directional, multi-trend, direct, tinning, or kriging gridding routines. Quickly produce 3D grids (voxels), using direct gridding, IDW, or kriging algorithms optimised for large-volume geoscience data.

Merge geophysical grids

Rapidly and accurately merge geophysical grids regardless of cell size, projection, or grid type with two advanced methods. A blending method for smoothly merging grids and a suturing method for manually defining the join path.

Find and extract geospatial data

Find, display, and extract geospatial data from a variety of data servers for complete investigation and informed decision making. Search internal as well as public servers, including Geosoft DAP and WMS servers without leaving Oasis montaj.

Link common features or areas of interest

Click on a point on a map and immediately see the exact data point within the database, profile, graph, map, model and/or data view in one, two and three dimensions to make QA/QC, anomaly location, and target selection more efficient.

Share maps and data

Easily connect between Oasis montaj and GIS or specialised modelling applications with available plug-ins and data conversion options. Esri technology is built-in to ensure seamless creation.


Oasis montaj Stories

Drones, making light of geophysical surveying

With development initially driven by the military, drones have expanded into a plethora of new…


Looking into ice: understanding Antarctica’s glaciers

Jamin Greenbaum’s first experience in Antarctica was one he’ll always remember.


One Year Later: Using 3D Technology to Find Water for Refugees

Just over a year ago, we shared a project done by the Advisian geophysics team. Colleagues Paul Bauman, Alastair McClymont, Colin…



Add your own code

Oasis montaj offers open API integration. Programmers can easily bring in additional tools, scripts, or automate their own processes.

Fast, global customer support

We’re always here to help. Call, email, or submit a support request in our user forum to receive assistance fast.



What's new in Oasis montaj 9.9


With the new Multi-Trend Gridding feature, you can better join linear trends in any direction with no boudinaging artifact.

Achieve clearer, easier stakeholder communication by creating more realistic looking images of geophysical data. Join linear features in a realistic way, find and connect trends regardless of their azimuth.



2D Filtering workflow allows you to see the effect of filters in real time, in isolation or combined, while you design them. Be more productive, save substantial time and increase confidence with better, more interactive, more visual workflows.

  • 2D Filtering - much improved MAGMAP experience. Streamlined workflow with single entry point, resizable interactive filter design window, real time resizable previews and cursor linking, reduced edge artifacts, new horizontal integration filters.
  • Matched Filter (New) – design complimentary matched filters for depth slicing with this new feature for better, faster magnetic field interpretation. Apply up to a set of 4 complimentary matched filters to separate the equivalent magnetic response of different depth slices.
  • Tilt Derivative (New) – calculate the tilt depth to the magnetic layer with this new feature of the tilt derivative tool for better field interpretation.


    1D Filtering workflow, allows you to see the effect of filters in real time, while you design them. Be more productive, save substantial time and increase confidence with better, more interactive, more visual workflows.

  • 1D Filtering – fine tune interactively and preview prior to applying to entire dataset. Interactive previews include Fourier domain spectra and Space domain filtered profile.


    Experience smoother much more intuitive extended workflows for better clarity and interpretation. While much expanded Help clarifies field definition.

  • Ground Gravity - new variable water level in Gravity Terrain correction; standalone latitude correction; loop through multiple densities for Bouguer correction and improved GC-5 import.
  • Moving Platform Gravity – new QC submenu to identify and process repeat lines, detailed stack repeat line profiles on the same plot for better repeat line comparison, reconstruct raw gravity from field components, apply Blackman filter in the time domain.


    Access more statistical information in the intersection file with new options added to the workflow. Report additional statistics on tie line intersections, calculate headings to provide a richer and clearer view of what’s happening, reducing uncertainty.



    Share data and collaborate faster for easier integration:

  • Geosurfaces are now a file type in the Project Explorer.
  • Export regular grids, voxels and geosurfaces as OMF files from the Project Explorer.
  • Upload grids, voxels and geosurfaces to the Seequent Data Room as an OMF file.
  • Import ASCII format columnar array data, such as GPR.
  • Import KMZ/KML files (points, lines and polygons) to 2D maps.
  • Export database lines and exported maps to KML format


    Spend less time data processing with new and improved workflows and experience.

  • Improved import ASCII/XYZ dialogues.
  • Bulk export of maps and grids.
  • Open the file location of any data in the Project Explorer.
  • Several gridding algorithms can now use a database channel to mask data gridded.
  • Several gridding algorithms can now use a database channel to mask data gridded.
  • Improved UI with enhanced colour contrast.
  • Improved control how 3D Axis are displayed in 3D view.
  • Microsoft Azure Maps replace Bing to enhance the ability to add air photo imagery to maps.



    Following our limited early adopter program for VOXI 2.5D Time Domain EM, Oasis montaj 9.9 now includes improvements to the user experience, algorithm robustness, and computation speed.

    Forward and inverse modelling in 2.5D is available for a limited time as a beta function to VOXI Time Domain EM subscribers. VOXI 2.5D Time Domain EM will be a breakthrough for users of TDEM data in 3D geological environments, including hard rock, saltwater intrusion and contamination mapping. Utilising a new scientifically robust algorithm from respected Research Scientist, Dr. Robert Ellis, it also benefits from faster computing in the cloud.

    Create insights and interpretations quickly and easily from TDEM data to make decisions about mining or environmental applications.

    Play a pivotal role in the ongoing development of 2.5D TDEM by sharing your feedback with us.

    Improved support for ground TDEM systems

    VOXI 1D TDEM algorithm update improves results for ground TDEM systems with rapid transmitter turnoff or time gates near the transmitter turnoff.



    Seequent Central


    Central is your shared workspace, where all technical teams can collaborate on a project’s geoscience data in the Cloud. We are fulfilling your requests for better flexibility, usability and data access with stronger integration to Oasis montaj. Users can bring all technical and managerial teams together, wherever they are and whatever their role, for better decision making.

    Outputs from Oasis montaj, Target, VOXI and GM-SYS 3D can be saved to Central and used in Leapfrog via a common workflow. This new capability is just the start of what we have planned for Oasis montaj; enabling geophysicists and geologists to all contribute to a project.

    more about Seequent Central >




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