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Igor Pro 9
Lingua: Ing S.O.: Win, Mac
Produttore: WaveMetrics
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IGOR Pro è un ambiente interattivo di straordinaria potenza adatto per scienziati ed ingegneri per la creazione di grafici, per l’analisi di dati e per la programmazione.

Con IGOR Pro installato sul computer Mac o Win, si rende disponibile uno strumento per la produzione di grafici scientifici di qualità giornalistica, per la gestione con grande semplicità di grandi set di dati e per l’importazione di dati da numerosi formati di file.

Utilizzando IGOR Pro su di un computer collegato agli strumenti di analisi si possono acquisire direttamente i dati nel suo ambiente di sviluppo, controllarli in tutti gli aspetti e prepararli per un’analisi immediata o successiva.

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General Features

Igor Pro is an interactive software environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data and for the production of publication-quality graphs and page layouts. Igor has been used by tens of thousands of technical professionals since its introduction in 1989. Here are a few highlights...

Browse the links in Wavemetrics' website to find out how Igor Pro can assist you with your scientific or engineering work.


New Features

An executive summary of Igor Pro 8 features that are new relative to Igor 7.

For full details of the new features in Igor Pro 8 click here.

Some Reasons to Upgrade to Igor Pro 8

Igor Pro 8 contains hundreds of improvements, including 20 new operations, 5 new functions, a new NetCDF XOP, and the Igor Filter Design Laboratory (a separate product in Igor 7 and earlier).

Some highlights of Igor Pro 8 improvements include:

  • Long object names, increased from 31 bytes to 256 bytes.
  • Greatly improved the speed of creating and looking up waves by name when there are many similarly-named waves in a data folder.
  • Drawing speed of graph traces on High-DPI displays under some specific circumstances is dramatically improved.
  • Improved speed of displaying notebooks, help windows, and procedure windows.
  • New Window Browser shows all your windows in one place.
    Filter by type, name, and/or wave to find that one special graph among a sea of great data.
  • The new toolbar provides easier access to frequently used features.
  • The redesigned Procedure Browser allows you to quickly find and filter symbols (functions, macros, etc.).
  • New Box Plot and Violin Plot graph types make it easy to show the distribution of values within a data set.
  • Procedure windows and the command line now suggest options to complete the current command.
  • New Back and Forward buttons in procedure and notebook windows allow you to quickly navigate in these window types.
  • New Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) operation.
  • Added seven new dialogs for transformation operations.
  • New built-in Voigt and dblexp_peak curve fitting functions.
  • ODR fitting is now thread safe and has built-in parallelization.
  • Igor Filter Design Laboratory (IFDL), which was previously a separate paid product, is now built into Igor Pro 8. IFDL is a sophisticated and flexible environment for interactive design, evaluation, and application of Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) digital filters.

More Reasons to Upgrade to Igor Pro 8

If you are using an Igor version earlier than Igor 7, you should take a look at even more Reasons to Upgrade Igor Pro to see what else you've been missing!






System Requirements

Macintosh System Requirement

Windows System Requirements

  • Igor Pro 8 runs on Windows 7 or later. Both 32- and 64-bit applications are installed by default.

Igor Pro and Linux

At the present time Igor does not run under Linux.

Some users have had some success running Igor via Wine and via CodeWeavers' CrossOver Office Wine-based product.
You can read about their experiences by searching the Igor mailing list database for "Linux" or you can view a summary in the Are you porting Igor to Linux? article in the support database.

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