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Intel software, Wolfram Mathematica, Origin, Statgraphics, EViews
Intel software, Wolfram Mathematica, Origin, Statgraphics, EViews
Contatti Intel software, Wolfram Mathematica, Origin, Statgraphics, EViews
MathType 7.4 desktop e web
Lingua: Ing S.O.: Win, Mac, Online
Produttore: Wiris - Maths for More
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MathType è il più diffuso software per la scrittura di testi matematici e formule chimiche. MathType è la versione professionale e completa di Equation Editor in Microsoft Office; aggiunge centinaia di caratteristiche a Microsoft Word / PowerPoint che Equation Editor non ha.

La maggior parte degli utenti di MathType creano equazioni per documenti Microsoft Word o presentazioni PowerPoint, ma molti utenti lavorano oggi con altre applicazioni e siti Internet. Calcolano con Excel o Mathematica, creano grafici con Origin e effettuano analisi statistiche con SAS o Minitab, cercano equazioni in Wikipedia e PlanetMath, per nominarne solo alcune. Gli utenti lavorano, inoltre, con social software come blogs, wikis, forum, così come comunicano utilizzando instant messaging, email, bulletin, ecc.

Grazie a MathType è possibile scrivere un’equazione con grande semplicità dal tuo desktop o come Google Document.



MathType 7 is born!

Power-up your favorite applications with the new MathType 7, the preferred equation editor for Microsoft Office. The new online version now works with Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online (Office 365). Moreover, you will now be able to use MathType seamlessly in LMS platforms such as Canvas, Moodle, and Schoology.


MathType Individual subscription

MathType subscription includes 3 applications.

MathType Academic subscription includes support for your LMS

A MathType Academic Subscription includes support for Canvas, Moodle and Schoology, AND MathType for Windows and Mac, Google and Office Online for use by all faculty, staff, and students in your entire school, college or university.

MathType APPs for LMS and CMS

MathType New Features

Visit Wiris website to know all MathType New Features


MathType Documentation

Visit Wiris website for Full Documentation


ChemType (Chemistry toolbar)

Editing chemistry formulas is complex. We started with some basic notation for inorganic chemistry.

WIRIS editor can now be used with an specific toolbar chemistry. In the main tab you will find

  • Most frequent chemical symbols,
  • Periodic table symbols included,
  • tooltips adapted to the chemical notation

A subtle change, letters appear in a straight style against the italicized used in mathematical expressions.

There is still work to be done. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Visit Wiris website for Chemistry toolbar Full Documentation


System Requirements

Important notice for MathType 7 on Mac
MathType 7 is compatible with macOS versions up to Mojave 10.14. It is not compatible with 64-bit versions such as macOS Catalina or Big Sur.

Please also note that this incompatibility does not affect MathType for Google Docs and Slides, or MathType for Windows.

What methods of payment are available?
We accept major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover).
If a credit card is not a valid option for you contact us to arrange wire transfers and purchase orders as payment.
Do you offer an academic discount?
Yes. Simply tick the Academic discount option in the purchase process.
Do you offer site licenses?
Yes, we have site licenses for K-12 schools, university departments, university campuses, corporations and government organizations.
Contact us for details on how to purchase a site license.
I have both Windows and Macintosh computers. Do I need to buy two separate subscriptions?
No. One subscription will suffice, since a MathType subscription includes a product key valid for MathType Desktop
for Windows, Mac, and online use (Google Docs, Microsoft Office Online).
Can I install MathType Desktop on more than one computer?
Yes, if you purchase a MathType Individual subscription. Installing it on your office computer and your laptop is allowed
– installing it on your friend's or coworker's computer is not.
How soon will I receive my MathType software and product key?
When you purchase your subscription at our store you will receive an email with your product key and links to download MathType Desktop immediately.
You shall be up and running within minutes



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