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Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud
Lingua: Ing S.O.: Win, Mac, Linux
Produttore: Wolfram
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Wolfram EPC

Enterprise Private Cloud

Metti l'universo della computazione al centro della tua infrastruttura.

Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud raccoglie i benefici unici delle tecnologie Wolfram e le rende disponibili in un’unica soluzione centralizzata, sicura e di proprietà dell’azienda o dell’Ente pubblico.

Grazie a Wolfram EPC le organizzazioni potranno sviluppare una strategia potenziata basata sulla computazione, sfruttando per esempio il valore dei dati per l’analisi, la business intelligence, lo sviluppo di applicazioni smart e la condivisione delle informazioni.


Why choose EPC?


Elements of EPC


Sample use cases


Comparative analysis


EPC introduction video


Wolfram EPC - PDF Brochure


EPC delivers a wide range of individual, workgroup and enterprise workflows from development to computation to deployment. Packaged as a customized virtual machine, it can provide computation services around your organization within a few hours.

Vision for the future of enterprise computation »


Why Choose Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud?

Availability of private cloud access to the world's broadest algorithm toolset

The Wolfram algorithm toolset is available from local to network to cloud installations. Unique to Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) is the combination of private access and installation-free, end-user access that no other option provides.

Control over computation and data security

Apply the full power of Wolfram Computation to your private data, ensuring it never leaves your infrastructure.

Instant API delivery of Wolfram Language solutions

Optimized build and deployed workflows enable instant serving of Wolfram Language code as a web-callable API to anywhere in your organization—a key to delivering enterprise computation.

Custom initialization and pre-warming of engines

Configure for your sessions and APIs to make available and pre-load your customized functionality—avoiding latency in initial calls.

No end-user installation for Computable Document Format (CDF) usage

CDFs provide an unprecedented combination of interactivity, narrative and ease of production in a self-contained document. Anyone accessing EPC can view hosted CDFs with only a browser and no other installation.

Secure Enterprise-wide collaboration

Share or collaborate with CDFs, computations, code and data instantaneously, tightly controlling who has access.

Self-running scheduled and continuous tasks

Set up computations, applications and reporting (including interactive) to run on schedule, by trigger, continuously or on demand—all unattended.

Universally accessible across any network of your choice

With web access (for example, through a browser) and a network, full power of computation is immediately available to whom you choose but tightly controlled by your security.

Enables centralized internal or external cost-recovery model of computation

Decide on your business model for direct access to the Wolfram Cloud or to services you have built using Wolfram Computation—for example, courseware, financial analysis services and data analytics.

Traceable computation history and auditing

Computation is central to critical reporting in an increasing range of organizations and processes. By centralizing your enterprise's computation, traceability, logging and auditing can be reliably achieved as well as enabling easy access for corporate reporting.

Instant hybridization with desktop Wolfram Computation

Total versatility to compute, develop and deploy in both cloud and local environments, and switch seamlessly between them.

Web-based programming model

Full access to editing, developing, controlling or deploying projects using just a browser.

Customizable and configurable for your needs

Set up for you and your organization for multiple logins with custom policies, security and installed components for different levels of users.

Easily integrates with existing computational and data infrastructure

A wide range of built-in connectivity for data (e.g. databases or data I/O filters) and links to code modules in other languages. Structured APIs provide an easy interface for most connections.

Flexible delivery of computational power across many users

Centralized computation in your enterprise enables load balancing to optimize available power for a given project and breadth of usage. High-quality, high-powered computation is always available, and usage is easy to manage.

Total up-and-running service availability for installation and maintenance

Wolfram has developed a comprehensive 24/7 support package and a wide variety of technical services to support EPC installation and maintenance, including on critical infrastructure tasks.

Make your C++ legacy code private cloud accessible

Because EPC offers a hub for your computation and code solutions throughout your organization, it easily enables legacy code such as C++ to be delivered through modern cloud infrastructure—including benefits like enforced code updates

Elements of Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud


Compute engine

The Wolfram Engine is licensed per number of simultaneous uses (with each use enabled to invoke kernels to support parallelization).

Web interfaces

Provides an interactive web interface to the language, permitting creation of applications, application interfaces and fully interactive 3D graphics.

API interfaces

All language components as well as custom created routines can be accessed via generated web APIs that are created with a single command.

Setup/Installation notebook

Configured via an easy-to-use and fully documented Wolfram Notebook.


The virtual machine (VM) image can be updated at any time by an updater utility to take advantage of new capabilities and features as they are added to the product.

License tool

Permits the verification of license installation and license validity for the Wolfram Engines as well as a standalone Mathematica configuration instance.

Authentication system

Users are self-provisioned and restricted via specified subdomain.

Master node

The main, all-encompassing VM that contains all core services and licensing.

Compute node*

In a larger-scale environment, compute nodes contain the Wolfram Engine and allow users to be distributed appropriately. *Coming soon


Included Platforms

Development Platform

Designed as a traditional code development environment, familiar to users of other languages.

Mobile interface

Direct accessibility to your applications via iOS and Android mobile apps.

Mathematica Online

Familiar interface for Mathematica desktop users, optimized for explorations and education.

Desktop interface

Direct access through Wolfram Desktop to your applications across Windows, Mac and Linux.

Deployment Options

Application host (direct to user)

Deploy and distribute a Wolfram Language application direct to any audience at any scale (includes form-based, CDF and linguistic interfaces).

Embedded application (via another service)

Embed a deployed Wolfram Language application into another web environment to incorporate computational and analytical power.

Computation center

Act as a computational processing hub for data and computations receiving and sending via the Wolfram Language API.

Hosted reporting

Ad hoc, scheduled or triggered interactive reporting delivered online or through client services.

Sample Use Cases Powered by Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud

Enterprise Private Cloud combines powerful computation, high-level language and interactive deployment, all privately hosted in your organization. These examples demonstrate just a few of the innovative workflows made possible by Enterprise Private Cloud.

Direct-to-Client Data Analytics

Business Laboratory develops high-level computational models to simulate real-world systems, enabling data-driven business decisions.

Centralized Computation and Reporting

A large corporate bank delivers interactive trade reports and alerts to allow clients to optimize currency exchange transactions.

Sample Enterprise Private Cloud Workflow:
Direct-to-Client Data Analytics with Business Laboratory

Using instant API creation and high-level data processing, Business Laboratory delivers rich applications directly to clients for sophisticated analysis and modeling of their business data—all securely hosted and powered by Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud.

Direct-to-Client Analytical Business Model Workflow Powered by Enterprise Private Cloud


1 - Determine Key Factors

Pulling relevant information from ERP databases, Business Laboratory works with an organization to generate a qualitative graphical overview of the system in question.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Rapid prototyping with world-class visualizations: Quickly create diagrams, charts, graphs and other informational visualizations, easily changing parameters on the fly.

Customer data, immediately computable: Seamlessly import from external databases in a variety of formats, using high-level semantics to prepare data for immediate computation.



2 - Make an API Model

Relevant data is analyzed and processed in a Wolfram desktop environment to develop a computational model of the problem, implemented as a web-callable API.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Hybrid desktop/cloud interface: Connect your Wolfram desktop interface to Enterprise Private Cloud to combine the familiarity of Mathematica with the flexible deployment and computation of the Wolfram Cloud.

Instant high-powered APIs: Develop a sophisticated model using the world's largest web of algorithms, and deploy it as a RESTful API for easy programmatic access.

3 - Connect a User Interface

Business Laboratory implements a desktop interface using any number of environments (e.g. Unity, Python, JavaScript), connecting it to the API model with custom bindings.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Seamless interoperability with other systems: Develop a front end interface in any language or environment and easily connect it to Wolfram Language code through HTTP requests, built-in language interfaces or custom API bindings.

Centralized code maintenance: Simplify code maintenance by housing crucial computations in the cloud, allowing back end updates that propagate to all installations with no end-user action required.

4 - Run Simulations

Clients can securely access the latest model at any time, manipulating parameters to simulate real-world scenarios and optimize business decisions.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Fully configurable data security: Set up user and group policies using standard authentication protocols, providing tight control over access to proprietary business models.

Optimize your computations: Use pre-initialized API features and automatic load balancing to maximize the speed and availability of computations.

Sample Enterprise Private Cloud Workflow:
Centralized Computation and Reporting for interactive trading alerts

Using the built-in financial data, powerful algorithms and process management tools available in Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud, a large corporate bank can create a service that uses customer data to automatically generate trade alerts and interactive reports, allowing individuals and companies to determine the best times to exchange currency.

An Interactive Trade Alert Generation Workflow Powered by Enterprise Private Cloud

1 -Compile Data

Enterprise Private Cloud technology enables the bank to intelligently import customer data from MDB, XLSX and other database formats, along with up-to-date exchange rate information from a variety of sources, easily combining them in a unified data framework for immediate computation.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Your data or ours—ready to use: Import financial data in a variety of formats or access curated financial data from the Wolfram Knowledgebase, using high-level semantics to make everything computable.

Seamless interoperability across all platforms: Easily connect to financial databases, packages and third-party software across the cloud using high-level APIs for a comprehensive finance workflow.

2 - Create a Historical Model

A broad collection of data analysis functions and a number of flexible development and deployment options allow the fast creation of accurate cloud-based currency exchange models.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Rapid development—anytime, anywhere: Create, test and deploy applications with just a few lines of code—on desktop, web or mobile.

Cloud computations with sophisticated algorithms: Use hundreds of symbolic and numeric functions for high-precision financial time series computations, backed by a scalable cloud architecture.

3 - Make Predictions

Models are set up to perform continuous computations, making sophisticated forecasts of exchange rates and proposing the optimal times to buy and sell.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Centralized process automation: Schedule cloud-based background tasks to keep models up to date and to trigger alerts via curated service connections.

Optimize your computations: Apply custom pre-initialization options and automatic load balancing to eliminate latency in time-sensitive financial computations.

4 - Generate Interactive Trade Alerts

Customers receive alerts via SMS or email, securely linking them to an automatically generated report that interactively shows the latest projections and enables instant trading decisions.

Enterprise Private Cloud essentials for this step:

Self-updating computable documents: Use high-level document templating and automatic report generation to create rich interactive reports accessible from a web browser.

Fully configurable data security: Set up unlimited users with custom policies using standard authentication protocols, ensuring secure delivery of financial data and models.

Comparative Analysis

Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) both replaces components and enhances workflows in your infrastructure. It also acts as a uniquely versatile hub for an enterprise computation solution. This is a brief guide to how EPC fits with your technologies and applications.

Rapid application development

EPC can replace the complete RAD workflow and extend it to instant deployment, particularly for computation or data-rich applications. For evolving existing workflows, EPC can provide missing links of live data provision, enhanced computation or live interface or reporting modalities across all devices.

Mobile: Both local and cloud-based interfacing to existing or Wolfram technology applications, hosted directly from EPC. Desktop: Providing traditional applications or document-based interfaces served directly from EPC.

Computation and data analytics server

The ultimate replacement for a host of computational and statistical desktop tools or mainframe-era libraries of routines. EPC is also ideal for supplementing existing computational or statistical codebases—using their familiar interfaces or not—with its ready-to-use connectivity to a wide range of systems and languages. For many organizations, an enterprise computation hub is a new infrastructure component to extend access to computation or data analytics.

Code server

Use EPC as a Wolfram Language development environment and code server. Typical enterprise adoption starts with EPC-serving code that builds on existing low-level languages' codebases for highly computational cases. As familiarity in the Wolfram Language is gained, the speed, readability and computational power it offers increasingly enable new projects to be entirely Wolfram Language–coded and directly delivered through EPC. Many organizations today do not operate a central code (or function/algorithm) server, instead relying on local deployment and updates being maintained, including for critical changes.

User interfacing and interface/document serving

EPC supplements existing interface options as a hub for live-computed interactive documents, dashboards and easier-to-build replacements for desktop or app-style software. EPC can effectively add functionality or replace cloud application interfaces, with end-users needing only a browser for access or the option of desktop playing for improved latency performance.

Scheduled reporting

EPC offers a replacement to cloud-based or desktop, scheduled, custom-triggered or on-demand reporting, with the unique capability of embedded, live computation. Reporting can be in the form of documents, dashboards or apps for the desktop or mobile.

Low-level system tool replacement

EPC offers a high-level replacement for a variety of low-level system tools in a modern cloud environment.

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